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Open: Winter Season 2014

In this video we have filmed two days in two weeks with some winter season windsurfing on Riga HES ice. It is 26th of January and 2nd of February, 2014 on ice. Wind conditions in first Sunday wasn't very well, just some 5 m/s, but in second Sunday wind in gusts made up 10 m/s! In first day sun was very bright, but in second, sun wasn't really showing and in the day's end there showed up some rain! Yes, rain! Rain, which turned into ice, because on ground there was -5 Degrees Celsius. Overall a pretty good experience!

End of the Year - 2013

We created a small New Year's clip which contained the previous fragments of our video clips published on 2013.

Included songs:
  • Deorro - Five Hours (Original Mix)
25th of December, 2013

What did the big surfers do in Latvia on 22nd - 25th of December? This is how I decided to go to Jaunciems windsurf, I made a small footage. With me there were Martins Sveide and on-site I met Jevgenijs Gavrilovs.At the lake we were at around 2:00 pm. Air temperature was about 5 degrees Celsius. Water temperature was below 5 degrees.

Included songs:
Kambizes Regate 2013

Kambizes Regate competition was held in the 5th of October, 2013. As we all sailors remember, the 2013's winds were not the richest, so only 1 race was held where we were clear about the fastest Latvian sailor in folk class. Official sponsors were Hewlett Packard, Davanuserviss, AVIS, Orbit and Kambize, who organized the various gifts and prizes from the tablet, ending with bubblegum. Unfortunately, the wind even during the race was low, so surfers with the biggest and better prepared sails took the forefront. Thanks to the organizers, participants and let's hope that next year the winds will not be as tight-fisted!

Included songs:
  • A Mungo s Hi Fi ft Omar Perry - Guidency
16th November in Pavliosta

Frames captured on Saturday, (2013) 16th November. Wind in spite of the favorable forecast lost its power for quite fast. At 11 o'clock in the morning people were no longer interested in surfing and such as Krisjanis Tutans and Maris Minkevics their day at the time already finished. Of the total spent 3 hours filming, I have assembled almost all the footage in the film.

Included songs:
  • Miami Horror - Sometimes
Shots with Maris Minkevics

Here are some shots with Maris Minkevics. Shots made in Pavilosta.

Included songs:
  • Red - Ordinary World
Latvian Wave Championship 2013

28th October was held in Latvian wave regatta at Akmensrags. I shot a short film about the event. Video includes documentary scenes. For filming I spend 2 days and for editing about 70 hours witch I spent in 2 days as well.

Included songs:
  1. Helios - The Obesiant Vine (Hammock Remix)
  2. Bonobo - Kiara Sound (Medik Remix)

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